About the Design and Idea Design Group

More than 9 years of Nikad group activity. Over the years, we are proud of the fact that we have completed and delivered many projects in all technology fields and today we have valuable Baha’i experiences. We have combined expertise and experience to capture the satisfaction of our customers.
Starting NIKAD’s activity with website design in various fields, and introducing our video and advertising creations to our audience more than before. With the increasing influence of the Internet in Iran, our way to digital marketing and modern advertising campaigns continued. Designing mobile apps and technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) differentiates us from competitors. And today it is the leading provider of Smart TV and Smart TV services and Digital Signage Services. Smart customer club is a high-performance solution for loyal customers of brands, shopping centers and more. Sinjian Digital and interactive technology are the most modern type of attraction for different centers, which is one of the most specialized experts in this field.

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Plate 380 , Unit 3 , 2nd Floor , intersection of Professor Hassan Bana and Mahmoudi Street , Tehran

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